CoPilot is changing the conversation about retirement. It's not just about fund performance and account balances. It's about understanding how much time your money is buying. And that's where the service starts - with giving you the tools to buy the time you need for your retirement.


Simplify your retirement savings.

CoPilot isn't just a 401(k) plan. With CoPilot you're getting a retirement savings service designed to make it easier for you to understand and work toward your retirement goals.


With CoPilot, you'll be matched with investments that fit your needs. Your investments will be monitored for performance and you'll receive real-time messaging whenever an event occurs that will impact the health of your retirement. And you'll always have a clear picture of how much retirement you're actually buying because CoPilot translates your savings into what matters most - how many years you can afford to be retired.

“Overall, I’ve truly appreciated the simple, streamlined process that PAi has to offer.  I also like the value that the CoPilot program provides to plan participants…the ability to have access to an advisory services platform.”  
-Anonymous Financial Advisor

Less Risk
Employers are on the hook for compliance and monitoring plan performance. CoPilot removes that risk by transferring the fiduciary responsibility for the plan investment selection and monitoring and the investment policy decisions.

No Hidden Fees
CoPilot is totally transparent. No hidden fees or surprise charges. You'll know up front exactly what you'll pay.

Less Hassle
CoPilot simplifies retirement savings so that it's easy for your employees to understand and participate in their plan. Plus, it integrates with most major Payroll providers. So there's less busywork for you to worry about.

83% of retirement account holders have no idea what fees they're paying.

With CoPilot, you won't be one of them.

Years of Retirement
CoPilot ditches the complex charts and calculations, and translates your dollars into the only thing that matters - how many years you can afford to be retired.

Stay in the Know
With events-based messaging, you'll see how your day-to-day decisions affect the amount of retirement you're buying. All in real time.

Own Your Retirement
You set your destination. Stay on track with professional investment advice that keeps you on your path towards retirement.

80% of people believe they need to save more for retirement.

(Unfortunately, they're right!)

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