Small-business retirement plan administration can be challenging. CoPilot was developed with an understanding of how difficult it is to track each and every plan participant's retirement readiness, especially with the increased compliance regulation regarding educating, but not advising, those participants.


CoPilot is a turnkey retirement savings service that allows you to remain as the face of the plan and get paid - all while the plan administration and investment advice that typically make small-business 401(k) so demanding are taken care of for you.

The CoPilot service provides fiduciary coverage under the new DOL ruling.  

CoPilot isn't your average small-business 401(k)plan. It's a best-in-class retirement savings service - meaning you'll save valuable time when you need it most. Even more, CoPilot utilizes many of the funds that you're already using with your clients today.

CoPilot Includes:

  • Real-time participant activity monitoring - keeping you in the know when actions are taken that will impact their retirement.
  • Level compensation enabled.
  • Covers the fiduciary responsibilities according to DOL requirements.
  • Proactive participant messaging to keep them engaged.

Big data – Little data – It’s how you use it.  Really.

Michael Kiley, President     ~     July 5, 2017

To successfully choose a retirement solution for your client you must “Begin at the End.” 

The retirement industry continues to try to perfect the concepts of benchmarking and RFP’s in order to make it easier for you to choose a solution for your customers.  The trouble with many of those efforts is that they produce TONS of information with few answers.

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Editorial from PAi

Michael Kiley, President     ~     May 4, 2017

Customers want to buy years of retirement. Stop selling them investments.


PAi’s Care Center fields hundreds of thousands of contacts every year and in order to measure our performance we categorize those contacts. You’d be as surprised as we were to discover how little we are asked to talk about “retirement”.  Contributions, loans, fund transfers, rebalancing, testing…but so few calls about “retirement” that it was attention getting.

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