It’s Time for Change. Seriously.

Here it comes, another informational resource that’s going to needlessly recite all of the negative savings statistics of Americans, bemoan the selection of certain types of funds and, ultimately, use a bunch of industry jargon in an effort to sound more qualified to industry insiders. Creating that type of resource wouldn’t be worth your time. Or ours.  

It’s time to change the conversation from the standard industry noise – evolving fiduciary standards, state-mandated retirement plans and a stock market that’s at an all-time high – to discussing fundamental changes that plan providers and those saving money need to make in order to actually have a shot at getting the retirement they want.

Let’s start with our premier product, CoPilot. PAi has dedicated many years to developing this retirement plan alternative (and, we feel, future industry standard) that encourages saving for retirement while also including your financial advisor. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think talking about an inclusive, flexible platform that makes sure you’re on the path to your desired retirement is a whole lot more valuable than hearing (again!) about the contrasting benefits of target date funds vs. risk-based portfolios.

In the history of the United States, ingenuity and innovation have driven progress. Henry Ford didn’t dedicate his life to breeding a faster horse. The Wright brothers weren’t in the catapult business. Retirement savings is no different. Trying to make 30-plus year old products somehow better isn’t going to work.   We can’t just continue to blame individuals for not saving enough. All of us involved in the retirement savings process are responsible for creating an environment to promote that savings for everyone. It’s time to rethink the whole process.

With that, we look forward to building an engaging community wherein we hope to facilitate conversations that lead to real – and positive – change that leads to people actually realizing their retirement dreams. That’s what matters to us.

If you’re at all confused as to how I wrote this entire message without once referencing “smart beta” or “Forex,” this isn’t the place for you. For the rest of you wanting to be part of the positive change, welcome.

Ryan Voss - Database Marketing Manager - - 800-236-7400 X3345

Ryan is a subject matter expert on data and analysis within the retirement savings industry.