CoPilot Is In a Class of Its Own - The Human Robo Advisor

There is a fair amount of chatter going around regarding the usage of robo advisors, both at a personal level and business level. They are typically viewed as a safe, low-cost solution for retirement savings. In a recent article on, a study uncovered confusion, fiduciary responsibility, fees and education as the ongoing issues surrounding retirement savings. While this may be accurate, it is certainly not a revelation for anyone close to the market in some time.

The article goes on to discuss how digital resources are the potential fix for all of these concerns, yet they don't reference any human interaction. What they neglect to mention, is that there are other products and services in the market that address these issues just as well. At least one of those includes human interaction and specific concern for every participant. That service is called CoPilot. Let's see how CoPilot measures up against the identified concerns.

Confusion: No doubt. We totally understand that people are confused about how much retirement they have and how long it will last. This was one of the core principles that led to the development of CoPilot. That is why we discuss retirement exclusively in years. No fancy pie charts. No confusing and irrelevant growth statistics. Just the years you've earned vs. the years you want. Then we start to help participants bridge the gap using both our cutting-edge technology as well as our award-winning customer service.

Fiduciary responsibility: This is actually a bit misleading. While employees might not understand the varying levels of fiduciary responsibility, their employer is never completely free of responsibility. CoPilot has the ability to dramatically reduce the employer of investment fiduciary responsibility and provide award-winning service to address any concerns about the overall fit for your business. That's one key difference between a robo 401(k) plan and a top-notch retirement service.

Fees: CoPilot is completely transparent with our fees before you've even selected to use the service. Did you happen to know that many fund companies that are utilized for retirement savings plans pay a fee back to the investing party? Typically these fees stay at the broker and TPA level and are never distributed further. Not with CoPilot. CoPilot takes these fees and distributes 100% of them back to the participants, right where they belong.

Education: This is where CoPilot sets itself apart. We've partnered with a registered investment adviser firm (eRIA) to help uncover the best fit possible for your investment risk level and overall portfolio based on how many years of retirement you're looking to have. Your plan will be re-balanced over its lifetime to ensure that the investments align with your retirement goals. Many have taken an approach that dumps all of your money in just a few funds or use computer algorithms to eliminate human interaction. Not CoPilot. CoPilot has a team of licensed investment advisors that can give you personalized investment advice to make reaching your retirement goal a reality.

Overall, there can be benefits to working with robo advisors, but they are still missing the human interaction.  With CoPilot you are provided with a familiar, intuitive, online-driven interface plus customer service unlike anything within the industry. Reports are now finding that this type of interaction is actually the overwhelming preference.

Confused? Not a problem. Have questions? We can help. Looking to educate yourself about your retirement? We'd love to chat. I guess that's a difference we can be proud of.


Ryan Voss - Database Marketing Manager - - 800-236-7400 X3345

Ryan is a subject matter expert on data and analysis within the retirement savings industry.