CoPilot retirement services are powered by PAi, an industry-leading provider for small business retirement services. PAi has successfully partnered with two of the nation's largest banks. We currently serve over 14,000 small business employers, 210,000 participants and over 550 financial firms.

PAi has been independently owned and operated for over three decades. Our vision of helping people prepare for retirement is at the forefront of all that we do:

A world where workers own their retirement readiness.   

PAi's Roots and Values

There are a few defining moments in my life that helped shape my passion for the retirement industry. 

The economic climate when I was a young man was difficult. Business failures were too common. Unfortunately, many times a business failure took the retirement accounts of the employees with it. I remember watching a national broadcast which shared a few of the stories of people who had reached retirement, only to find they did not have the security they thought they had. No crimes committed and no one trying to hurt anyone - just bad planning and a bad experience.

This uncertainty became a reality for my father when he turned 62, ready to retire. He discovered that his retirement plan wasn't what he thought it was - his future wasn't secure. Instead of the retirement he envisioned, my father worked until age 80 to provide for his retirement. It became clear to me that the system could, and should, work better for the average business owner and average employee.

More than thirty years ago, I started PAi with the specific purpose of making affordable, best-in-class retirement plans available to American small business owners. Today, the retirement plan marketplace is undergoing transformative change. Market segmentation, products and the distribution channels that deliver them are simultaneously undergoing change. The time has come to turn listening and learning into action.

We work with many partners - industry leaders, advocacy groups, government officials, business owners and committed brands - to better close the retirement gap. Together, we can create a world where all workers are able to own their retirement readiness.

Together, we can make a difference.

-Michael P. Kiley, Founder of PAi