Editorial from PAi

Michael Kiley, President     ~     May 4, 2017

Customers want to buy years of retirement. Stop selling them investments.


PAi’s Care Center fields hundreds of thousands of contacts every year and in order to measure our performance we categorize those contacts. You’d be as surprised as we were to discover how little we are asked to talk about “retirement”.  Contributions, loans, fund transfers, rebalancing, testing…but so few calls about “retirement” that it was attention getting.

PAi was dealing with the same problem the industry suffers; customers want retirement but as an industry we keep responding with investments. Participants don’t know how to talk about retirement, and as an industry we aren’t giving them the tools. At PAi we’ve changed that. We created CoPilot.

CoPilot starts with a simple online enrollment process and question. “How much retirement would you like?” They answer in years.  “I’d like to buy ten years of retirement.”  Then we show them a contribution estimated to get them to their goal. The funny thing is, when you show the projected outcome, you get increased contributions and more assets than when you just show the contribution amount.

CoPilot utilizes an investment fiduciary and a 3(38) investment manager to create plan lineups and model allocations. Outsourcing policy decisions, investment decisions, and investment monitoring provides greater fiduciary protection to plan sponsors. The investment manager focuses on the funds so you can focus on your customers, including your next customer.

If participants want to direct their own investments they can do so, however, most are happy to have the “do it for me” solution provided by our partner(s). And that allows more time to connect, educate, and grow your business.  So, you get—

Faster sales.

Faster plan installations.

More time.

More productivity.

More assets.

More contributions.

And your customers get—retirement as a goal, not a burden, because that’s how it should be.  And that’s how it is with CoPilot.

To offer your clients a better retirement savings experience or to learn more, give us a call today: 800.236.7400.